[Trailers] Chaw – Giant Killer Pig/Boar

I’m not sure if this will be screen in M’sia – probably not considering the animal being featured here, although I did remember Babe was screened here (?).

I love monster movie – hahaha – especially the ones that are fun like The Host. From the look of the trailers, the movie looks fun šŸ˜›Ā  and the trailers do shows the Pig/Boar.

Note: Server is a bit slow so please wait for it to download completely before watching trailer(s)




Source: Cine21


3 thoughts on “[Trailers] Chaw – Giant Killer Pig/Boar

  1. huh? i think if the reason for not screening this movie here is because of the boar, it shows how close-minded those people in authority are.

    the poster looks scary and i can imagine the story to be gruesomely bloody. i hope it is as good as The Host too.

  2. well, censorship board may cut out those gory scenes, which make it less “interesting”. Frankly, one reasons I like monster movie is because of those “scenes”. Although, I dont like those slasher movies or horror/zombie movies…

    Also, if it is shown here, they may cut out scenes that show the boar…hmm….will that be pointless to show a movie about a boar but when you watch the movie, you dont see it ??? O_O

  3. if the censorship board decides to cut out any of the ‘gory scenes’ and scenes with the boar, they might as well not screen the movie at all. in the case of The Host, i don’t remember any scene being censored but then The Host is not gory or bloody at all.

    uh … i also don’t like slasher movies because most of the time the violence (such killings and butcherings) is motive-less??!

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