[Music] Songs of the Past 20th June 2009

Today’s selection has more old Chinese hit songs than usual. Most of them were Cantonese songs πŸ™‚ .

Of course, I do have some old Korean and Japanese songs and today’s list a bit long (more songs). There’re also a lot of theme songs featured in this list.

Note: Please do not hotlink files

The [C/K/J/M] indicates whether this is a Cantonese (C), Korean (K), Japanese (J) or Mandarin (M) song.

[C] Leslie Cheung – Chase


[C] Leslie Cheung – Lifetime Forever


The 2 theme songs from the movie that he starred in (She’s a Man, He’s a Woman). It was a romantic comedy and I love this movie! I remembered back then the movie sold so well that people looked for the OST. But when they found out that the OST did not feature Leslie’s version of Chase and Lifetime Forever (Dick Lee was the singer on the OST), they were disappointed. I know coz at that time, I was working in a music store. These two songs were taken from his album that were released not long after the movie.

I love both of these songs. Besides that they have good melodies, the lyrics were good, too.

English translations for Chase and Lifetime Forever.

Sigh! I missed him. One of the legends, definitely.

[C] Eason Chan – Jik Yeung Mo Han Hou


[C] Eason Chan – Pou Tou Seng Suk Si (When The Grape Is Ripe)


Both songs taken from his very popular and good U-87 album. He has the voice that can make any songs he sing sounds good. πŸ™‚

The second song (Grape is Ripe) is a bit metaphoric in its lyrics, IMO. I managed to find the English translation for it here. However, I can’t seem to find the English translation of the first song. There are many translation to the song title such as “The Evening Sun is Endlessly”, “How Wonderful the Sunset”, “The Sunset’s Infinitely Good”, etc. Ah, you get the idea…

If anyone has the English translation to the first song, please post the link. Thanks.

[C] Faye Wong – Yue Ding


One of the most beautiful female voices that I’ve heard. I missed her voice. Aiyah, when will she come out of her “retirement”? She should come back as IMO, the female voices in HK these days are not that up to standards (well, compare to her!).

I’m trying to find if I have that album where she re-sings her idol, Teresa Teng, songs. If I do, I’ll post those songs that I like here.

[M] Jay Chou – Clear Stars


[M] Jay Chou – Black Humor


[M] Jay Chou – Lovable Woman


[M] Jay Chou – Tornado


WOW! Four songs from Jay Chou, and all from his debut album. Truthfully, this is the only album that I really listens to. The others -ehm- Im not a fan of Jay Chou. I do like some of his other songs like Crysanthemum Flower Bed, An Jing, Cannot Speak, Secret, etc. There were some that I dont like – most of them are those rap/hip-hop songs. I know some of those songs are his signature songs but Im more a ballad-listener so … πŸ™‚

[J] Kimura Yumi – Always With Me


[J] Kimura Yumi – Inochi No Namae


“Always With Me” is the theme song from one of my favorite anime movie, Spirited Away. LOL, I lost count how many times Ive watched this movie. Listening to this song really makes me want to watch the movie again O_O.

As for “Inochi no Namae”, I dont really have Ayaka Hirahara’s version of Inochi no Namae. I only have this version by Kimura Yumi.

[K] Fly To The Sky – Kaseumapado (Fashion 70’s OST)


Theme song for Fashion 70’s drama. Err…havent been keeping track with their latest songs since…last year! O_O …

Maybe need to spend some time listening back to their songs.

[K] K.will – Ggoom (Dream) Ballad Version


Heard that he has a new song – will go and check it out. Im still listening his last mini-album that I have -Dropping The Tears. Im looking to see which songs I can feature here for my other music post (the one that featured recent songs).

He has a good voice but I dont find many news from him (except the ones in Korean, which I dont read).

[K] Lee Seung Chul – Don’t Leave (Remix Vers)


[K] Lee Seung Chul – Trust Me


I dont know much about him…but he seems to be in the music scene for ages (?).

I think I remembered searching for “Don’t Leave” after I’ve watched the MV. Somehow, after watching it, I just want to listen to the song (without the pics).

As for “Trust Me”, it was another nice song from the same album that has “Don’t Leave”.


3 thoughts on “[Music] Songs of the Past 20th June 2009

  1. Lately, he sang many cover songs live, and that’s really good, too.
    Sometimes, I think his own songs are not good enough for him.

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