[Personal] Tokyo Trip 2009 Part 3

Date: 28th Jan 2009

Continuing from previous part.

^ that’s definitely a restaurant.

The Lions Club totem pole and that means I found the route to Toshogu Shrine.

^ obake-doro – Ghost Street ??? 😛

^ monster lanterns near the shrine.

^ fat pigeons 😛

^ entrance to Ueno Toshogu Shrine.

On the right is the entrance to Peony Garden.  I didn’t go in though.

^ nice 🙂

^ copper lanterns inside the shrine grounds.

^ wishes written on wooden blocks.

^ notice that I didnt take pictures of the shrine directly, even from the walkways. I read that it is a disrespect to the gods to take pictures directly in their main path. Also, you should bow before you enter the grounds and should not walk in the middle of the path as it is the god’s path.

^ that’s the peony garden entrance.

^ After the shrine, I was walking towards Ueno Zoo – this is the kiddie playground…

…to be continued…


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