[Music] Songs of the Past 1st June 2009

I was re-watching  some old drama when I came across all these old music files.  It made me feel nostalgic listening to them so I thought of featuring some here.

There are a lot so I will feature them as I find them 😛 .

Note: Please do not hotlink files

The [C/K/J/M] indicates whether this is a Cantonese (C), Korean (K), Japanese (J) or Mandarin (M) song.

There’s also a link to the artist’s info, if I can find them.

[C] Ronald Cheng – Mo Lai


“Mo Lai” means rascal in Cantonese and this song was his comeback song after being out of the music scene for many years. The song was taken from his “Before/After” album, which also contains the Cantonese version of Hirai Ken’s Hitomi o Tojite. I don’t really like that version :/ but that’s another story.

[M] Nicholas Teo (or Zhang Dong Liang) – Ji Mo Bian Jie


Taken from his “Only One” album.  I still remembered his performance in Astro Talent Quest show, I believed that was the last year that I watched that show. At that time, I didn’t notice his facial similarities with Kim Jae Won, though.

[K] Kim Yeon Woo – Lovers


I don’t know much about Kim Yeon Woo, err…except that he’s a ballad singer.

[K] Park Hyo Shin & Ann – Scar Deeper Than Love


I think the female voice is Ann…not 100% sure. I love this song and I first heard it was the Lena Park-Lim Jae Bum version. This version (PHS) was taken from his 3rd album but I forgotten that he also has a version…very surprised LOL.

[K] Tei – Love Is…Once


The title track of his Vol 2. Tei has that unique thick voice 🙂 .  If I remembered correctly, this was the album that I really took noticed of him. LOL, Im a bit of a late-starter.

[K] Jo Kyu Man – I Will Give You All


I guess I first heard of this song in “All About Eve” drama. There was this scene where Jang Dong Gun (in his last TV drama) singing, or more like proclaiming his love, for Chae Rim with this song. I only know later who’s the original singer of this song. He’s the older brother of Jo Kyu Chan – both are talented singer-composers.

[J] K – Only Human


The theme song of Jdorama, 1 Litre of Tears. Touching song.  He’s a cross-over artist like Younha.

[J] Mr.Children – Kutsu Himo


Ah, taken from their “And I Love You” album. They have been around for ages but I only started to know them properly from this album.  I hope that I have the chance to attend their concerts in Japan one day 🙂 .


2 thoughts on “[Music] Songs of the Past 1st June 2009

  1. I listen to Only Human whenever I feel down
    It always makes me cry and i don’t even understand 99% of it…

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