Bleak Future for Joo Ji Hoon

O_O Based on the news below, he will have a bleak future in TV world for quite some time. Im not sure about the movie world or the modelling world.

English Summary translation:

MBC has officially ban Joo Ji Hoon from appearing in any MBC show. This is after KBS has officially announced that KBS will ban Joo Ji Hoon.

Even though SBS have yet to “officially” announce their stand on the matter, according to sources, SBS has already issued requests to show producers that before they invite JJH, they need to think from the audience perspective. Hence, under this enormous pressure, it is believed that no producer will want to go against this request.

Source: Mydaily / SINA / english summary translation by fangorn @


4 thoughts on “Bleak Future for Joo Ji Hoon

  1. I’m sorry but this is going WAY TOO FAR! How’s Joo Ji Hoon supposed to ever act again if all the tv companies ban him?!

    I know what he did was wrong but he’s not the only celebrity to do this! He didn’t harm anyone else so why punish him this severely??

    I think he will have learned from his mistake and hopefully quit drugs, but banning him from working for tv companies is out of order. His personal life should have nothing to do with his acting career; that’s his job and he does it well. If tv companies stood by him and got him the help he needed, fans would accept him back. But by banning him, they’re adding fuel to the fire, making this a bigger deal than it really is and making people hate Ji Hoon more.

    This doesn’t happen to actors in other countries; I think tv stations in Korea are going too far. Ban him for 6 months to 1 year so he can get his act together, but to ban him for good is RIDICULOUS! I’m sure there’s plenty of other korean actors/singers/models etc that do drugs and are on our screens all the time.

    Ji Hoon was young and foolish; it’s no reason to destroy the rest of his life. With harsh actions like this from tv stations, is it any wonder why lots of korean celebrities are committing suicide?! I’m really worried that this may push Joo Ji Hoon to the edge. He’s not a bad person and is a great actor. I think we need to give him a second chance and if he messes up again, then ban him!

  2. Although JJH explained that he tried party drug twice last year( its not even heroin or pot…) he is still being treated awfully by the very people around him who also made a lot of money because of him. Instead of supporting him and help him recover. The film industry/TV stations who are supposedly the first ones who could understand that this really happens in real life are the first ones who are casting the first stone…how paradoxical. We, from other countries, are now in a quandry whether the movies we are watching are all fictionalized to suit a certain image of your country. Are you not bothered by the number of suicides in your country? The last one the former president of your country. I believe you are pushing your people to the edge.Even Obama admitted at one point in his young life he tried “pot” and now became the President of US. Isn’t it embarrasing if he learns that’s how you view people(who tried drugs) in your country…They might think are you really a first world country and live in the 21st century? No wonder, despite being in a developing country and with our traffic jams and all, they say there is a “Korean Invasion” in our country (as reported by a big TV Station}.

  3. Right on (to the two comments above)! S. Korea…don’t become like your censored northern neighbor. Get with the times! There should be an official petition I say!

  4. he learn from his mistake,they should give him ANOTHER chance. they should give him project with yoon eun hye.they look good him recover and make him a better person again.don’t push him so hard.all he need is chance to prove that he learn from the his mistakes.

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