[Music] Songs 23rd May 2009

I’ve just obtained Bobby Kim’s album (released in January this year) so maybe next time I’ll post his song here.

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Khalil Fong – Black and White


Congratulations to Khalil Fong for nominations in the upcoming Golden Melody Award. He is nominated in Best Music Video (Black and White), Best Composition (Singalongsong), Best Arrangement (Singalongsong), and Best Male Mandarin Artist (2nd year in a row – nominated but didnt win last year).

The Generous – Dream Star


The Generous – Renaissance


I never heard of the band until Skip Beat anime.  Both songs were used as the opening themes of the anime.  I like both but I prefer Renaissance.

Someday – Not Like A Man


Someday – Do You Know (ft. Jea)


Not Like A Man is the first track of Someday’s debut album while Do You Know is the second track.  I heard the first track first so naturally, I like it first.  Then you have the second track – this version is different from the BOF OST version as it is a duet version.  I haven’t heard the BOF version therefore I don’t know which version is better 🙂 . Anyway, I will recommend their debut album – it is good, IMO.

There are other songs in their album that I like and I will definitely buy this CD as a collection 🙂 .


6 thoughts on “[Music] Songs 23rd May 2009

  1. i remembered reading somewhere that a couple of 4 Men members are in this new group, Someday. is that true?

    • yes. I believed 2 of them left 4men and joined Someday. The members of 4men now are all new members except one member, J (? dont know how to spell his name), I think.

      That’s why when you hear Someday’s songs, their vocals really really reminded you of 4men songs 😛 , which I dont mind.

      And I finally listened to the OST version of Do You Know… Both versions are very good.

    • In listening to these songs…I really like the generous (I’ll have to go look for their music now) and Someday was quite good (particularly “Do You Know? (duet version) (feat. Jea from Brown Eyed Girls”). Khalil Fong is always good, of course. As always, your song choices are superb…thanks again.

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