K.will is Lee Min Ho’s vocal teacher?

I found this small piece of news 🙂 It’s been awhile since I read / translate any K.will news. Not been checking any music-related news lately.

Lee Min Ho will release new single in June.

K.will has been Lee Min Ho’s vocal teacher. They were introduced to each other by the composer of Lee Min Ho’s new song “My Everything”. Lee Min Ho always thought that K.will is one of well-known vocal Korean singers and was extremely glad that he has K.will’s help. He said, “I really love this song. Hence, I spent a lot of effort on it. And I have one of the best Koreans singer’s help. I will use a new image to stand in front of the fans*1.”

*1 – It’s a literal translation. I think he meant he will give his best so that fans won’t disappoint.

*2 -K.will and Lee Min Ho are very good friends.

*3 – K.will is also the producer of LMH’s new single

Source: Mydaily / SINA / english summary translation by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


4 thoughts on “K.will is Lee Min Ho’s vocal teacher?

  1. ^ yup looks like brass knuckles to me

    but… i dont think minho can sing? or maybe i’ll just wait till i hear his single first and comment on it later

  2. though i haven’t heard him sing yet,i know he can…and i know he’s better than others…
    i believe in you…just by hearing your voice in boys over flowers,i’m happy na..so how much more if you’d sing???i believe that,it would be a hit one…hehe…dnt worry,we(supporters)will always be here to support you!:]]

  3. have you guys heard his song Extreme? super good. I can’t get enough of it. It’s for the Cass Beer 2x commercial with jessica gomes.. He totally can sing!

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