[Personal] Tokyo Trip 2009 Part 2

Date: 28th Jan 2009

Continuing from Part 1, I headed straight to Ueno Park by taking the JR train from Minami Senju to Ueno.  I followed one of Frommers’ Walking Tour but I got lost trying to find the first “milestone” in the route – Statue of Takamori Saigo!

^ The area opposite the South exit of Ueno Station.

^ Museum opposite the station. I didnt go in.

^ Other museum’s event.  There were lots of museums in Ueno.

^ I like this walk way. Since it’s winter, the trees were dead though.

^ a small area that I discovered while searching for that statue.  Cute hor?

^ Smoking area.   You can’t smoke in Tokyo streets except designated area or you will be fined.

YAHOO! I found the Statue of Takamori Saigo! After walking round and round the same place 😛

^Kiyomizu Kannon-do Temple.  Japan has lots of temples and shrines, which I like – something about them that’s serene when I walked on those grounds. Anyway, this temple has the goddess (? is that the right word) of child-raising and child-bearing.  Tokyo has shrines and temples dedicated to a certain aspect of life – so you need to know which temple/shrine to go to if you want to pray for a specific purpose.  Oh yes, noticed those trees – those are sakura trees. Look at the picture below…

^ this view will be very scenic during spring – imagine those trees with spring flowers…  I think those are sakura trees? no?

^ I believed this is a restaurant, not a shrine but not sure because I snapped this when I was passing by – to Toshogu Shrine…

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