[Personal] Tokyo Trip 2009 Part 1

Im not sure how many parts that I’ll have but I will try and break them into areas that I went to during my trip to Tokyo early this year (during Chinese New Year).

The pictures in this part were mostly taken on the first half of the day.  I took Singapore Airlines, which means I have to change planes in Changi and then flew to Tokyo.  It was a midnight plane and gosh! I totally didn’t sleep on the plane.  Therefore, when I arrived in Tokyo, I was like a zombie o_O .

Places that I went to on the first day: Ueno area (including the park and zoo), Ameya Yokocho (but I didn’t take any pics there! >< forgotten!) and Tokyo Tower.

Dates: 27th Jan 2009 – 28th Jan 2009

I decided to take the KLIA Transit Train to the airport, rather than taking the usual taxi ride.  Well, I never ride one before so it’s a new experience for me.  Cheap too 🙂 .  I took a taxi from my house (5 mins from the Bandar Tasik Selatan station) and then the ride to the airport was roughly 20-30 minutes.  It was very convenient and the train was on time.  Cost including the taxi and train was a little over RM30. The only complaint was the ticket quality…err…maybe it was me because after I bought the ticket, I just put it into my jeans pocket and err…it was crumpled and I couldn’t use it to get out of the KLIA station! so embarrassing :[

During the train ride, I sat besides a Malaysian who’s working as a tour guide for Chinese tourists (from China, of course).   We talked a bit during the train ride.  Forgotten what we talked about though.  But I did remember the person who’s sitting on the row on my right.  An air stewardess and well, she was clipping her hand nails during the train ride! ??   Doing your make-up is still fine with me but clipping nails?? :O Totally ruin the “perfect-girl” image of air stewardess.

I arrived quite early at KLIA so the SIA air stewardess put me in the upper deck of the Changi-Narita airplane.  Oh yes, I chose the 1 hour gap of transit for KLIA-Changi to Changi-Narita airplanes – don’t do that!  It was sooo rush for me – I thought I almost missed the Narita leg.  The bright side of it was there was no waiting.

^ this picture was taken before arrival to Narita – it was sunrise and the sky was very beautiful because the plane was flying above the clouds and … it was my first time witnessing sunrise above the clouds.  It was very bright for me though to take pictures and at one point I have to close the window.

It was very cold in Narita when I arrived.  The captain mentioned that it was 2-degrees in Narita on that morning.  O_O wow, the moment I stepped out of the door, I could feel the coldness, even though I was already wearing my down jacket.

After the checkout, the first thing that I did was to check my phone roaming – sent SMS back home to tell my family that I arrived safely.  After that, I remembered looking for the train to Ueno to go to my hotel in MinamiSenju.  I took the cheaper one (Keisei Limited Express), which was about 1 hour ride (if I remembered correctly) towards Ueno.

^ that’s the train platform.  I need to head to Nippori to change train to Minami Senju.  My route:  Narita -> Nippori (a little bit over 1 hour) via Keisei Line, then -> Minami  Senju (5-10 mins) via JR Joban Line.  Total cost: 1150 Yen.

^ da ticket from Narita to Nippori 🙂

^ taken while on the train.

Arrived at Minami-Senju and proceeded to look for my hotel (Hotel Juyoh) and put my luggage.  But the actual checkin was 4pm so I parked the luggage with the hotel staff.  Bought the SUICA card at the JR station (I still have the card 🙂 – it’s valid for 10 years). Then the next important thing was to buy the Studio Ghibli ticket.  So I need to look for a Lawson convenience store in Minami-Senju. I walked for about 15 mins but I couldn’t find it so have to go to the local police box to seek help.   I also needed help buying the ticket. I have the instructions clearly (from internet help) but the last step really stumped me! I need to enter my full name in Katakana.  I was like EH??!!!  So I asked the store assistant to help me translate my surname to katakana… LOL,  apparently the machine needs 2 names like [NAME1] space [NAME2] 😛 .  Got my Ghibli ticket and the time was almost 12pm!    No time coz I need to come back by 4 to check in o_O .

^ took these on my way to Ueno from the Lawson store.

Continue reading in Part 2…


5 thoughts on “[Personal] Tokyo Trip 2009 Part 1

  1. Hello,

    How was the trip to Tokyo? Please do write more on it, because my friends and I are planning to go next year. We need all the help/info! hehe.. Mind if I ask how much was the air ticket? We are hoping to get the best offer, but we will be going during the sakura season, so chances will be slim. Also was it difficult to apply for the visa?

    Sorry for the many questions! 🙂

  2. It was great! LOL, I am a bit slow in updating the threads…so please be patience.

    As for the air ticket? I missed the promo price so it’s 1000 more expensive than the promo price. Promo price from MAS was about RM2000++. Anyway, I bought Singapore Airlines and I got to ride one of their large Airbuses so it’s kinda like a trade off. For the trip to Narita, I was on the upper deck while the trip home, I was in the lower deck so it’s kinda fun for me.

    I’m not sure about the prices for the sakura season but since it is peak season, please expect the air ticket and hotels to be expensive.

    As for the visa, IMO, no. But of course, you will need to provide the embassy with the required docs that they want. And in the bank statement that you’ll submit, please make sure you have “more than enough” amount to cover for your stay there. IMO, if your rough estimate to spend is around say 5000, please make sure your bank statement shows 10000. At least, you are showing you are not going there with the intention of not coming back.

    • WOW… The air tickets were really expensive! Oh no! There goes my savings! We are hoping to get good fares at the next MAS promo, as the travel period for current one is only until Nov this year.

      I heard from my friend that it might be difficult to get the visa, so our sensei suggested a letter of reference from her might make it easier. Did you get one from your sensei? So I guess the key is to have lots of money in my account? hmm.. that can be arrange! haha..

      Thanks! I’ll be patiently waiting for your next post.

  3. One more question, did you purchase your air tickets first, then apply for the visa, or vice versa?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • OK, for the visa application – no, I didn’t have any letter of recommendation from my sensei. In fact, all my teachers (went thru a number of teachers in my Japanese classes) didn’t know I’m going to Japan. That was my first time to Japan. I just have the docs as stated in the Japanese Embassy website. Next year, however, I’m planning (if time and budget permits) going to Kyoto area – and also to visit my first sensei there (if he’s still residing there).

      I purchased my ticket, booked my hotel before I apply for visa. You will need to state where you are staying and how do you get in & out from Japan (airline number, etc).

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