[Trailers] G.I.Joe and Ninja Assassin

Ehm, can’t actually see him…only glimpses – watch out for a ninja in white…

Lee Byung Hun in G.I.Joe – Rise of the Cobra (watch here)

Oh, and here is the wallpaper of the character that he played from the official movie site (still can’t see his face, though):

(click for the actual size)

As for Bi’s Ninja Assassin – watching G.I.Joe reminded me of another Korean actor’s hollywood movie 😛 , therefore did some google and found a teaser preview – watch here.


10 thoughts on “[Trailers] G.I.Joe and Ninja Assassin

  1. there’s an article on Lee Byung Hun by a Hollywood reported which mentioned him being in the movie and also in IRIS. he put up Jung Woo Seong’s picture instead of Lee Byung Hun’s. how blatantly stupid can that reporter be since GI Joe is an American movie, there must be a lot of infos about the actors involved in it. furthermore, Lee Byung Hun is internationally well-known for his work in Korea. i guess that reporter is only living in the Hollywood cocoon, no wonder such stupidity.

  2. I think the only movies that really might give some attention to asian stars are Blood the last vampire and Ninja assasin(what’s with the ninja craze anyway).
    But I’m not sure how big it will be for Rain because the movies premiere has been repeteadly postpones.

  3. i dunno … i am never for these Korean actors and actresses branching out to Hollywood cos i think it’s just a waste of their talent. i mean, they don’t get roles which truly showcase their acting skill and all in those Hollywood movies. Lee Byung Hun is a great actor and he and his movies are already well-known to and in the international movie circuit. he goes to Hollywood and this is the kind of role given to him.

  4. yes i’ve seen the trailer for IRIS. the drama looks good. the only thing that i’m not so excited about is the fact that Kim Tae Hee is in it. can’t stand her acting … if that’s what you call her doing in front of the camera.

  5. Well, the only drama I think I watched with her in it is Stairway to Heaven…that’s her, right? O_O

    Oh…and I briefly watched that drama (1-2 eps) Love Story in Harvard. Forgotten what’s the reason I ditched that drama…probably boring ?

    I now prefer to watch her brother’s instead 🙂

  6. yup … she’s the evil girl in Stairway to Heaven. i didn’t finish watching this drama cos i’m so tired of its kind of storyline. the only actor i like in it was . as for Love Story in Harvard, though i like Kim Rae Won, i got so irritated at his attempt at speaking english (and his character is supposed to be a brilliant student … ).

    yeah … Lee Wan is a better actor than his sister and such a cutie too. hi hi …

  7. HUh??! i didn’t finish my sentence.

    ‘the only actor i like in (Stairway to Heaven) was Shin Hyeon Jun who played Choi Ji Woo’s stepbrother.’

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