Thirst tops Korean B.O.


And I finally read what the plot is (somewhere on the internet), something like this (highlight to read, spoiler-ish):

Song Kang Ho plays a priest who contracts a virus and dies. After a blood transfusion, he becomes a vampire. He comes home and is viewed as a saint (? resurrection from death ?), but succumbs to the “thirst” of blood. He then begins a sexual relationship with his friend’s wife (played by Kim Ok-bin), manipulated by Kim to kill her husband…

‘Thirst’ Nears 1 Mil. in 5 Days

Ticket sales for the South Korean film “Thirst” (Bakjwi) were expected to top 1 million Monday, five days after the Cannes-nominated movie was released here, according to Yonhap News Agency.

The blood-soaked vampire film, created by director Park Chan-wook, had drawn 960,500 viewers as of Sunday and will likely pass 1 million by the end of Monday, said the movie’s producer, Moho Film. One million is considered the yardstick for a box office hit here.

“Speed Scandal,” which has drawn the largest number of moviegoers here among this year’s releases, topped the 1 million viewer mark nine days after it hit screens.

“Thirst” has already sent waves across the global film scene, receiving a nomination as one of the 20 films competing for the top prize at the Cannes International Film Festival, which opens on May 13.

This is the second time Park has aimed for the top honor at the French contest, after his 2004 win with “Oldboy.”

Source: Korea Times

‘Thirst’ Breaks This Year’s Box Office Record on Release

“Thirst,” the latest film by Park Chan-wook, has attracted more than 700,000 viewers in just three days since its release.

All That Cinema, which is in charge of marketing the film, said Sunday the film, which was released last Thursday, lured 715,000 viewers until Saturday, besting the record set by “Speed Scandal,” the most popular Korean film this year to date, which attracted 709,000 viewers in the first three days of its release. “Speed Scandal” was released in December and drew a total of 8.27 million viewers.

“Thirst” has been invited to the competition at the Cannes International Film Festival this year, and created a lot of buzz even before the release for the a full frontal nude shot of star Song Kang-ho, and steamy sex scenes between Song and co-star Kim Ok-bin.

Source: Chosun Ilbo


2 thoughts on “Thirst tops Korean B.O.

  1. wooot … so happy to hear that. if i’m not mistaken, the movie is doing better than that Wolverine movie too. yeah … it’s good too that the Koreans appreciate their own talent more than Hollywood’s. i hope Dir. Park will win at Cannes but the downside of this is that we’re going to have to wait a long time for the dvd to be released … just like in the case of Secret Sunshine!!

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