[Pics] Jo In Sung Fashion Photoshoot

The last photoshoot before the army, I guess. But some of the pictures ~~ he looked quite thin o_O

So which ones do you like?

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures, you may click on the link for actual dimension

Source: SINA / re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


15 thoughts on “[Pics] Jo In Sung Fashion Photoshoot

  1. have you seen Frozen Flower? to be honest, i am kinda disappointed with the movie. i dunno … i think Jo In Seong’s acting in this movie is so so … not really convincing in conveying his feelings and the conflicts within himself towards the King and the Queen. there are also too many x-rated scenes between the Queen and the General (Jo In Seong’s character) which i find unnecessary and gratuitious that i have to skip them as they bore me to death. and i’m sorry to say that Jo In Seong’s physique in his birthday suit is not that tempting …. heh heh.

    No Regrets, Road Movie and Eternal Summer still are so far the best gay-themed movies i’ve watched mainly because of the great acting by the casts.

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  3. I’m so into Jo Insung..First noticed him in What happened in Bali. Watched Bali becos of So Jisub, and got myself another idol instead!.Didn’t notice him at all when I watched Spring Day several years back. ..only remember I wasn’t impressed with the ‘problematic’ brother in the drama.

    Yeah. Frozen Flower was like…?!?/!!. Acting wise, I can see great improvement in Dirty Carnival.

  4. you’re the best jo in sung,i really admire your acting especially your appearance.you inspired me a lot!!!luv yah…

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