[Music] Songs 2nd May 2009

It’s been awhile since I checked the latest music :/ But these are the ones that I really like.

I like them a lot so I hope that you like them too.

Note: Please do not hotlink the files!

Khalil Fong – Singalongsong


I’ve been a fan since I discovered his music in his vol 2.   I have bought all of his albums (including his live album) except his first album.  And Im going to complete my collection by buying his first album since I found out where I can buy it in KL.   He sings only in Mandarin although he is based in HK.

This song is sung in English and he has another version in Mandarin – I like both of them 🙂 I have the MV of both songs (they are the same, just the lyrics changed) and other MVs from his 2nd to 4th albums.  Im considering if I should rip those and post here 🙂

Oh, IMO, this song is an earworm. I can’t stop listening to it since I first heard it!

4Men – First Kiss (acapella version)


They have released a number of songs since their last album – mostly in OSTs and digital singles. So far, Ive only listened to their digital single with Park Jung Eun and this latest single, First Kiss. Guess I need to keep up-to-date with their other new songs fast :/ .

I also have Someday album (2 of their members are in this group) although I havent truly truly sit down and listen to the whole album. Will do soon.

Utada Hikaru – Eternally ~ Drama Mix


Well, I only know this song after I watched the Jdorama, Innocent Love. And O_O this song is not a new song! If Im not wrong, the song is found in her Distance album. I havent listened to the original version so I dont know the difference between this version and the original one.

2Backka – Namida


No idea who they are. This song is the first Ending Theme for Skip Beat anime. I absolutely like Skip Beat and Im actually waiting for Season 2, whenever that is 🙂 .

The English title for Namida is “Tears”.

Kiyama Yusaku – Eien


The second Ending Theme for Skip Beat anime. I instantly like the song the moment I listened to it. After searching in the internet, I found out that he only debuted last year at the age of 40+ ! His voice somehow reminded me of Hirai Ken. Coincidently, both of them are from Osaka! Oh yes, Shin Seung Hoon made a Korean version of one of his songs. I think it is “Home”.

The English title for Eien is “Forever”.

BTW, I have both opening songs of Skip Beat anime by thegenerous. So I will post them in my next Songs post.


3 thoughts on “[Music] Songs 2nd May 2009

  1. i didn’t know that two of 4 Men’s members are in Someday! thanks for the information. now i need to go and listen to Someday.

  2. Thanks for these song. I’m a big Utada fan, so can confirm “Eternally” is off her Distance album. I listened to both versions and honestly can’t tell if there’s a difference between the album version and this Drama Mix version. I have the song on MegaUpload….here’s the link:


    I’m really enjoying her newly released (Japan Version) album, This Is The One. Her first single off the album, Come Back To Me is very good (as is the video). The U.S. Version for the album supposedly was slated for release on May 12th, but I haven’t checked for it yet (since the Japan Version has all the same songs in a slightly different order, plus two bonus tracks…the remixes for “Come Back To Me”). I have this album on my Multiply.com site (all the tracks are downloadable), so if you’d like to check out this all English album by Utada, feel free to visit my site:


    I’m also a fan of Khalil Fong, so thanks for the song. I always enjoy your song choices.

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