Korean Stars Come under One Roof in the U.S

I wonder if Jeon Ji-Hyun (or Gianna Jun as she will be known in US) is under this agency or is she under CAA in the US. Anyone knows?

The merger of two major talent agencies in America, William Morris and Endeavor, has brought Korean stars together under one roof. Contracted with William Morris are Singer Rain, actress Kim Yun-jin of the American series “Lost,” Daniel Henney of Korean drama “My Name is Kim Sam-soon,” and director Park Chan-wook of “Old Boy” and “Lady Vengeance.” Now actor Lee Byung-hun of “G.I. Joe” will join these noted Korean celebrities as a member of the newly merged William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.

William Morris is the second largest agency in Hollywood, exerting extensive influence over the entire entertainment business. Endeavor is the fifth largest agency, headed by Ari Emanuel, brother of Ram Emanuel, President Obama’s Chief of Staff. Currently the largest talent agency in the United States is CAA, where famed Koreans film directors Kang Je-gyu of “Swiri”, Kim Ji-woon of “The Good, the Bad, the Weird,” Bong Jun-ho of “The Host,” and Lee Jae-han (a.k.a. John H. Lee) of “Eraser in My Head” belong.

Source: KBS World


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