Actress Woo Seung-yeon Found Dead

GOSH O_O! I guess Korean artists have the highest rate of celebrity suicides in Asia!

I really dont know who she is ~ I never watch Herb.

But I think the Korean artists/managers should start looking at these problems fast – all these suicides may send the wrong message to their fans.

Rising star Woo Seung-yeon was found dead in her home in an apparent suicide. The 26-year-old actress reportedly suffered from depression and has been receiving treatments recently, according to her associate. Woo debuted as a model for a fashion magazine, and appeared in film “Herb” with Kang Hye-jung and recently released “Private Eye” with Hwang Jeong-min. She was also majoring in French literature at ChungAng University in Seoul. Her body is kept at the National Police Hospital and scheduled to be cremated on Thursday. Her family has refused to open the funeral to the public, saying that they want to keep her last moments here private.

The entertainment industry is reeling in shock from another suicide of a promising star. In the last eight months, nine celebrities took their own lives. The spate of celebrity suicides began last year with actor Ahn Jae-hwan, who killed himself last September by carbon monoxide poisoning in his van. Everyone’s darling Choi Jin-sil also committed suicide just a month after Ahn’s death. Actress Jang Ja-yeon’s suicide in March left many questions and suspicions about sexual scandals rampant in the entertainment industry. The prosecution is still investigating the late Jang’s accusation of sexual favors forced by her agency CEO.

Source: KBS World


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