Jo In Sung is now in the army

Guess wont be seeing him until… (25 months and 6 weeks later) mid-2011 ?

Brief news translated from various sources:

He will be in basic army training for 6 weeks and will serve the airforce (in Chinese – 空军军乐队)  for 25 months.

He is the first artist to join the airforce.

Other artists that will join the army (not necessarily the airforce) in the later half of the year are Lee Dong Gun (confirmed to be sometime in May), Kim Rae Won and Lee Jin Wook.

Source: Mydaily / SINA / english summary by fangorn @


2 thoughts on “Jo In Sung is now in the army

  1. I’m sad personally on his decision to join the Air Force. He’s my ultimate crush since Koreanovela hit the Philippine TV screens. I’ve been missing him on the big screen hoping that he will make another series but unfortunately seems like it won’t materialize anymore. But if it’s his ultimate dream, I’ll just wish him the best and success! One thing for sure, He is the only Ju In Sung of my life!

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