Younha to release 3rd album

Short news really…Younha is to release her 3rd album on 16th April. Title is “Peace Love & Ice-cream”.  Album songs will have genre from pop electronica, rock and others.

Source: Mydaily / SINA / english summary by fangorn @


7 thoughts on “Younha to release 3rd album

  1. I’m an avid Younha fan and have been since her debut Japanese single, Yubikiri, in 2004. I finally got around to putting up all her singles/albums (Japanese/Korean) on my site…the tracks are all downloadable should anyone be in need of anything for their Younha music collection ( I’m loving her Peace Love & Ice Cream album. It’s climbing my favorites list rapidly, but for the moment, I still believe I’d rate her first Japanese album release, Go! Younha, as my favorite album of hers, but that could soon change…this album is outstanding!!!

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