[Personal] Zoo Negara 22nd Mar 2009

My very first outing with my DSLR camera 🙂 and it has been ages since I went to the Zoo.  This time I went with my bro’s gf.  She also has a DSLR (same as mine) but she has other lens to play with.  I’m still a newbie so my lens is the standard lens.

I have reduced the size of this pictures here coz the original size was just too large to upload. Initially, I wanted to put all these into my facebook but nowadays (don’t know why), facebook is hard to access. LOL, too many users I guess. Anyway, I still have many harddisk space here…which reminds me – I need to upload those pics from my Tokyo trip 😛 .  Besides the size, the other thing that I’ve added is this site’s “bookmark” 🙂 . Other than that, didn’t do any photo adjustment.  Therefore, some of these pictures are under/over-exposed >< …

I actually took this picture when I was leaving the zoo! I forgotten to take it on my way in.


They just eat and eat…

Old Bird

This bird is very interesting. We took so many pics of it while it was standing alone on the grassy patch opposite the giraffe. It totally is not afraid of people. But I don’t know what kind of bird it is…

These 2 pictures above may looked the same but they were not.  I think I took them with different exposure and did you notice the bird’s eyes?  One was looking away while in the second picture, it was looking towards me.

^ I don’t remember taken this picture though O_O

Bird Lake

My attempt to take the view of the lake. There were tons of birds in the lake.


There were 2 elephants: one was nearer the food stand (where they sell the sugar canes for the elephants) and the other one was in further away. I didn’t take the picture of the one nearer the stand coz I was feeding it sugar canes! The first 3, IMO, were taken with too much exposure 😛 ..sorry le… will try to improve on these things as I “train” more.

Peacock and …

I think this is an “emu” (yes? no?). Definitely not an ostrich.

At first, I was not very interested in the peacock until my bro’s gf told me that the peacock’s train is fanned. Unfortunately, I don’t have a zoom lens 😦 but she has. I think she took quite a lot of those zoom pictures. Actually, this was the first time I saw the peacock in this manner. What a really lucky day!


Ah…what to say…he just sits there for all the visitors to take pics…

Can’t say about the tigers though… ><


I took these pictures without realising that the flamingoes that were standing near the rocks were actually taking their naps! :O


We arrived at the bears enclosure. I think this is a brown bear (not sure). It looks really sad in these pictures :/

Err…trying to take picture of a bear sleeping in a very large tree trunk…

Oh, I like how the following pictures turned out…

And this bear, if I remembered correctly, is a black Asiatic bear…


Aiyah…I need to learn how to shoot fast-paced animals as all the shots that I took can throw away :/ . They were really really fast!


We went inside the Aquarium area. I still find it hard to take pics in the aquarium but I really really need to learn it. Guess I need to pay some visits to KLCC Aquaria this year.

^ I actually like the lights in this picture, even though I don’t know why those fishes just like to stay at the top!


While we were there, we noticed that there were some visitors throwing stuff (candies) to the orang-utans O_O .

I tried to take a picture of the 2 of them but when I was ready, the male orang-utan just ran away!!!


Not really sure what it is but it looks quite cute in this position. I think it was sleeping ~~

Source: fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


2 thoughts on “[Personal] Zoo Negara 22nd Mar 2009

  1. Nice pics, I love zoos (even if they sometimes make me feel sorry for the animals, but modern zoos are pretty good in giving animals the space and care they need). I just realized it’s been over two decades since I think I last visited a zoo. I believe a zoo in Japan might have been my last zoo visit (that would make it before 1995). o_0 I used to visit (and donate) to the Big Cat Rescue facility in Tampa, Florida quite regularly. I’ve got to pet and listen to the heartbeats of several sedated large cats…tigers, lions & black panther undergoing medical treatment…that’s an amazing experience. ^_^


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