Are you a Skip Beat fan?

Just wondering if any of you read/watch Skip Beat?

I am absolutely in love with the manga.  Have read and re-read the manga many times.  I also like the anime version.  I only watched up to EP 20.  According to Anime News Network, Season 1 will only have 25 episodes.  So I guess (for those who knows the story), it will probably ends the Tsukigomori arc.  I hope they have Season 2 🙂 .

The only complaint I have so far is that the “Ren” in the anime is NOT as handsome as the “Ren” in the manga!

I know that there will be a Taiwanese live-adaptation for Skip Beat, starring Ariel Lin (as Kyoko) and Jerry Yan (as Ren). I don’t think they have announced who will be playing Sho, Moko, Maria, the President (of LME), etc.  I like Ariel Lin but I’m a bit worried for this live-action drama and not to mention a lot of questions.   Will Ariel dye her hair orange?  How will they depict Kyoko’s demons (one of the key non-human characters in the drama, IMO)?  There were lot of those mood-changing scenes (by those key characters), will the actors be able to handle them?  I hope the drama will turns out fine…**crossing my fingers**

Official Japanese website


5 thoughts on “Are you a Skip Beat fan?

  1. I have not read so much of the manga but I’ve watched a few eps of the anime.The story is funny and Kyoko is so hilarious.
    But the lastes I read was that the live action would not be made because of some problems with the script and change in the crew ?

  2. Well. I’m not 100 % sure
    On the drama wiki page it says it’s been postponed indefinitely ?? But then it also says somewhere else that it’s in production. Well. let’s hope for the best ^^

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