Korean dinner with friends 21st Feb 2009

I went to a dinner (with my current classmate, Yee Lui) in Korean Town last Saturday (21st Feb) to meet up with an ex-classmate from Japanese class, Safura. We haven’t met for a long long time and I need to return the J-drama DVD and the exam paper that I borrowed from her for our Advanced Japanese 1 class last time. It was my first time there while they have been there for a number of times.

We went to this restaurant called “Yong In” and it is a Korean BBQ restaurant. But I noticed that almost all of the Korean restaurants in Korean Town are of the BBQ-type O_O .

We ordered 2 BBQ dishes – we actually wanted 1 but the owner told us that we need to order 2 for BBQ.  So we ordered 1 plate of chicken -marinated slices and 1 spicy squid slices.  Then we also ordered 1 kimchi fried rice, 1 tofu soup something (err, forgotten the actual name of the dish) and 1 fried pancake omelette – type dish.

Here are the pictures of those dishes:

^ each of us have one of this dish.  Further to the top of the picture –  that’s the marinated chicken slices being BBQ-ed by one of the staff.

^ I liked the dish above (the brownish one). No idea what it was but its texture is like those of potatoes (maybe of the same family?)

^ the many many small dishes O_O – they filled 3/4 of our table.

^ that’s the tofu soup.

^ You use these leaves to wrap the BBQ meat.

^ the squid slices.

^ the omelette-pancake dish.  Not really fond of this one.

^ the BBQ-ed squid slices.

^ the kimchi fried rice… errr…normal.

^ ah, you put these veggies along with the meat, then wrapped it with the other veggies that I mentioned earlier.  Tastes good!

Oh yes, at the end of the meal, the owner gave us watermelon and cool barley drinks.   I liked the drink 🙂   LOL, why he didn’t give us those earlier!

Total bill was RM132.   I think we ordered too many coz all 3 of us were very full by the end of the meal.

If have time, I’ll definitely return to Korean Town to try other BBQ restaurants.  There’s this fried rice cake that Yee Lui recommended but Yong In don’t have it.  She don’t remembered which restaurant though.


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