Bi, Park Hwayobi, Frozen Flower and Kim Bum

Aiyah, malas to blog all 4 news in different posts therefore…

I’m glad that Frozen Flower has been sold in so many countries but why no Malaysia? On second thought, I guess a lot of the scenes will not make it to Malaysian cinema as the movie will definitely will be butchered a lot by the censorship. So it’s better to get it somewhere (on the net) 😛

As for Park Hwayobi MV – hmm…anyone has it (not youtube la, the downloadable version) ?

For Bi, well, I’ll always try to refer to him as “Bi” . Actually, why doesnt he use Jung Ji Hoon, as he did in the Korean drama for the movie, and Bi in the music? Yeah, I know the reasons – too difficult to be pronounced and remembered by the Hollywood ppl and most people will mis-pronounce “Bi”  –  pronounce as “Bye” for example.

Kim Bum or his manager(s) should be careful on the road – there were so many cases of Korean artists having road accidents and some of them were really fatal (Kim Min Soo, Suh Jae Ho, Lee Eon, etc).  They should fire the van driver!  To think that this wasnt the first time, -__-” …

Rain Settles in a Name Dispute

Korean superstar Rain agreed to a deal with an American album maker, Rain Corporation, over a trademark dispute. Rain’s agency, J. Tune Entertainment, reported that Rain will use “The Rain” for all his music activities in the United States. However, he will retain his name, “Rain,” for film credits. Also “The Rain,” will be used only in America, thus it’s not likely to confuse his fans in other regions. In accordance with the decision, Rain will release his debut album in America under the name, “The Rain.” The album release is scheduled for late this year.

Rain Corporation, a Las Vegas firm, had filed for damage compensation against Rain for using the name “Rain” for his Las Vegas concert in December 2006. The company also asked for an injunction to ban Rain from using his name in future concerts. The name dispute had forced Rain to cancel his concert in Hawaii in May 2006. Rain was sued by Click Entertainment, the local Hawaiian concert organizer, for 40 million dollars in damage compensation for canceling the concert.

Source: KBS World

Hwayobi’s Music Video Banned from KBS

Ballad diva Hwayobi’s music video for her new release, “Half,” was ruled inappropriate for broadcasting by the KBS review board, said the musician’s agency on Thursday.

Her representative said that the decision was rather unexpected, because all the questionable scenes were edited out. The music video supposedly contained some nudity and kissing scenes, which were cut out voluntarily prior to the review. The agency said it took special care to edit the video for public viewing, because KBS has already banned the music video of Seung-ri’s “Strong Baby” from public waves. KBS officials said that the music video’s overall ambience was the issue, not specific scenes. Video will be edited again and submitted for another round of ruling by KBS. Korea’s other two main TV stations, MBC and SBS, had given an okay to the same video.

Meanwhile, Hwayobi’s new title song, “Half,” was opened to the public on February 5. It is now steadily climbing up the music charts.

Source: KBS World

“A Frozen Flower” Sold to 7 Countries

Korean historical film “A Frozen Flower” was sold to seven countries at the European Film Market held during the reputed Berlin International Film Festival. The film’s Korean distributor, Showbox, announced that the film was sold to Spain, Czechoslovakia, Thailand, Russia, Turkey, Singapore and Brazil. At the American Film Market held prior to the one in Berlin, it was sold to three other countries – Japan, Germany and the Benelux Economic Union, consisting of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg. Showbox said that foreign buyers were captivated by beautiful photography and the subject matter, which dealt with the forbidden love between the king and his chief bodyguard.

Directed by Yu Ha and starring Jo In-sung and Joo Jin-mo, this visually stunning historical movie set against the last days of the Goryeo Dynasty was released late last year and is still going strong, nothing up four million in ticket sales so far.

Source: KBS World

Kim Beom to be Released from Hospital This Week

In hospital for injuries sustained in a car accident, Kim Beom, a star of “Boys over Boys,” will likely be released on Thursday at the latest. The young actor underwent surgery after his van crashed into the rail on his way back from the filming early Monday morning. He sustained injuries to his toe, ankle, back, and spine. He also has to wear a leg cast for at least three weeks, hampering his drama shooting schedule. However, Kim’s agency said he will be back to star in the show, even if he has to do all his scenes sitting down.

Kim had been in another car accident on February 1st. His injuries then were light enough for him to receive physical therapy and shoot the show at the same time.

Source: KBS Worldn


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