[Pics] Daniel Henney Photoshoot

His hair has grown longer. Do you like him in hairstyle like now or like before (shorter)?  I prefer shorter hair.

What is he doing lately? Anybody knows?

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures and you may click on the picture for actual dimension

Source: SINA / re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


6 thoughts on “[Pics] Daniel Henney Photoshoot

  1. Short or long…I like it all. Especially the pics with him with that grey cap. Well…besides being in that X-Men Wolverine movie coming soon, I don’t know what else he’s been up to. I wonder if we’ll see more of him in American movies in near future. I hope he doesn’t resort to stupid American soap operas.

  2. the long hair makes him look younger than his real age (he’s in his 30s rite?) but still gorgeous all the same

    and x-men movie should be out for summer release, i think

  3. Well, I still think even with the short hair, he still looks young la.

    I want to meet him in real life coz I want to know how gorgeous he is compared to the pics that we always seen. ** in drooling mode ** 😛

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