So Ji Sup (aka G) to debut in Japan as rapper

Well, I have the video – maybe I should upload it sometime later 🙂

Does anyone know what sort of movie is “Kita Gegegeno’s 1000 Years of Curse Song”?

And I heard that Sophie’s Revenge has Zhang Zhi Yi in it. Is it true? O_O

Actor So Ji-seob to Debut as Rapper in Japan

Actor So Ji-seob, who has steadily continued his preparations to advance to Japan, will kick off his singing career in Japan as a rapper.

Nikkan Sports said Sunday that So will debut as “Rapper G” in Japan on Feb. 27 with the song “‘Lonely Life.” It said So made news in Korea in August when he anonymously released an album comprising two single tracks.

Known for his mega-hit Korean dramas “Sorry, I Love You” and “What Happened in Bali,” So finished his military service last year and appeared in the Japanese film “Kita Gegegeno’s 1000 Years of Curse Song.”

Then, prior to the release of his Korean film “Rough Cut,” he appeared as himself in the music video of “Lonely Life” in a project album called G. He then showcased a digital single under the name “G-sonick,” hiding his identity.

So has not performed as Rapper G in Korea, so fans are wondering if he will first debut in Japan. So is currently filming the SBS drama “Cain and Abel” (written by Park Gye-ok, produced by Kim Hyeong-sik) as well as a joint Korean and Chinese film, “Sophie’s Revenge.”

Source: KBS Global


3 thoughts on “So Ji Sup (aka G) to debut in Japan as rapper

  1. Gegege no Kitaro is a fantasy movie. i’ve seen the first movie last year. i think it’s a live action movie based on a manga. there’s also an anime version of the story. it’s a movie about yokai, some kind of a spirit creature. some other movies about yokai that i know of is Miike’s The Yokai War. not really liking both movies … kinda strange but i like the Kitaro anime.

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