[Pics] SBS and MBC 2008 Awards

Picked some pics from the recently concluded year-end tv awards for SBS and MBC.

SBS 2008 Awards

Moon Geun Young

^ she won the daesang awards! and the youngest in SBS history!

Cha Ye Ryun

Han Ye Seul

Kim Ha Neul

Kim So Yeon

Song Yun Ah

Lee Jun Ki

Jang Hyuk

Picture Sources: mydaily / SINA / re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com

MBC 2008 Awards

Song Seung Hun (daesang)

Kim Kyung Min (daesang)

Han Ji Hye

Lee Ji Ah

Lee So Yeon

Lee Yeon Hee

Dennis Oh

Jang Geun Seuk

Ji Sung

Jung Joon Ho

Lee Dong Gun

^ he looked sad…is it because of his eyes ? :/

Picture Sources: mydaily / SINA / re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


12 thoughts on “[Pics] SBS and MBC 2008 Awards

  1. I thought Lee jun ki did the better job overall than Moon keun young for the grand prize. Maybe the reason jun ki didn’t receive the grand prize was that the iljimae was not the classical genre of drama to be considered for the grand prize. If it were more epic, romantic, and serious than iljimae, he would have won the grand prize. Too bad such a wonderful talent and skill not properly recognized in korean entertainment business. I thought jun ki’s creativity in prelude and intermission shows were refreshing and appreciate his effort to break the barrier of pride and able to release his other side of acting skills and entertainment for people during these presentation. No one could have dare to do that because it can be embarrasing and risky if they were not upto it. But jun ki managed them all well by being confident all the way through the ceremonoy.

  2. Lee Dong Gun so deserved the actor’s excellence award. He was great as playboy Kim Bum Sang in When It’s At Night and was a great partner to Kim Sun Ah.

  3. for me, Lee Jun Ki is acting better than Moon Geun Young. Moon Geun Young is good acting, but Lee Jun Ki excellent acting in Iljimae. overall both of them deserved won!

  4. I think Moon Geun Young deserved the award, Painter pf the wind is wonderful and beautifully done.
    She’s very convincing as a girl posing as a boy.
    Iljimae was a little over the top for my taste and I’m a huge Lee Jun Ki fan.

  5. They made the right decision with Moon Geun Young as daesang winner. It doesn’t matter the popularity of the drama, only the way the actors portrayed their roles. Lee jun ki did well, but you could see he was acting his character. moon geun young was just right and so natural, she was being her character.

  6. saranghaeyo oppa geun seukk….
    i very lovee uu… oppa
    oppa jang geun seukk saranghaeyoo…
    I ❤ U oppa JANG GEUN SEUK

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