Jo In Sung – going to army in Jan 2009?

Just read this news that he may go to the army next month o_O ?

According to Edaily SPN, Jo In Sung , who was born on 1981, has submitted his voluntary application to enlist in the army(*1). He has also accepted to go for the body checkup and other related interviews (for the enlistment). The results (*2) will be announced in 26th December, which means that there is a  possibility that he will enlist in January 2009.

If he is really going to join the army in January, then “Frozen Flower” will be his last film before enlistment. The movie is scheduled to open on 30th December.

Source: Edaily SPN / SINA
English translation summary by fangorn @

Translation Note:

*1 – the mandatory 2-year army enlistment
*2 – the body checkup and other related matters for his application

Note: Please credit in full if post elsewhere

5 thoughts on “Jo In Sung – going to army in Jan 2009?

  1. what will happen then?
    eventhough i don’t know what will happen yet to my oppa in sung…i will still wait for his upcoming dramas/movies^^saranghaeyo!

  2. oh’ GOD how i luv you jo insung. huhuhhh…. why is evryone going to army.? just bi- rain.. u dont know that your my inspiration in my life even in my book that i am going to right.. i will wait on you until you come. i hope i could see you in person. i wish i could date to you someday. always care.. GOD BLESS

  3. Jo in Sung im 1 of your avid fan .. I’m from Philippines and I’d love your drama especially the Memories of Bali .. its really great !

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