[MV] K.will – Love 119 (featuring MC Mong)

ooooh~~ don’t know that he’s back! However, I would have really love it if this is from his 2nd album.

Nothing much to the vid, actually. Most of the time, it showed K.will with MC Mong in the studio, singing the song.

Off to download the single, enjoy the vid! 🙂

Download MV – 22 MB
Note: Please do not post file link elsewhere


5 thoughts on “[MV] K.will – Love 119 (featuring MC Mong)

  1. yeah … i hope he’ll follow with a second album soon. by the way, have u read about the lead singer of MStreet committing suicide? it’s really sad … i love their debut album very much. they also have really good vocals. i read that they’re in the midst of preparing for their second album (which i’ve been waiting for so long) when this happened.

  2. ^ O_O really? I didnt read about. I dont usu listens to M.Street. Is it very depressing as an artist in Korea ? There’s really a high frequency of suicides for Korean artists :O

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