Antique – a B.O. hit

WOW! Congratulations! I just cant wait for it to be in DVD here… maybe, if the film does really really well, I may get to see it in cinema in M’sia…**crossfingers** 🙂

“Antique” Draws 1 Million Moviegoers

“Antique,” a delightful film featuring four hottest actors, has drawn more than one million moviegoers in just 15 days since it was released. Based on a Japanese comic of the same title, the plot involves the relationship among four good-looking guys, who work together in a fancy bakery.

The film’s production company announced Friday that the film attracted 160 thousand viewers on the opening weekend and 500 thousand in the first week, and has steadily done well in the box office tally.

“Antique” is the third Korean film to break through the million mark, following “My Wife Got Married” and “Portrait of a Beauty.” The Korean film industry has been struggling this summer from a lack of decent movies, but these three works have revived people’s interest in Korean films with their unique plotlines and impressive acting. Also “Antique” is the first film to appeal to teenagers since “The Tale of Two Sisters” and “Temptation of Wolves.”

Source: KBS World

3 thoughts on “Antique – a B.O. hit

  1. ^ Never heard of Temptation of Wolves??? O_O …it is one of the popular movie of young adults and teens.. It stars Jo Han Sun and Kang Dong Won. The movie is not really realistic – more fantasy IMO but I like the theme song very much.

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