Park Hyo Shin in The Hwang Project Album

Ok, havent check ZDeg yet for the files but am looking forward to it, and of course, the MV. Im still waiting for Tei’s MV. Havent go to Oi to check for the latest updates.

Ballad Prince Park Hyo-shin makes his comeback after a two-year hiatus with lively band music. His agency has announced that Park has joined a project band called “The Hwang Project” and worked to release the single album titled “Welcome to the Fantastic World.” This album has been released first on online music sites.

“The Hwang Project” is an innovative band composed of Korea’s three top songwriters and producers with the sir name Hwang – Hwang Se-june, Hwang Sung-je, and Hwang Chan-hee. The band plans to invite a top singer to join them for each album, and Park was given the honor of being their first guest vocalist.

The album’s title song “The Castle of Zoltar” is about chasing a childhood dream through Zoltar, a fortune-telling machine featured in the film “Big” with Tom Hanks. The album also includes a medium tempo love song “The Last Goodbye.” This single album will go on sale on November 24th.

Source: KBS World


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