Promo pics for Jo In Sung’s Two Flowers Shop

I only have 3 so far. Probably the second time seeing Joo Jin Mo in period costumes. I read that Jo In Sung will go bare-naked (from the back) for this movie! O_O

Anyway, the trailers and more pictures will be coming in soon because the film is scheduled to be released on 30th Dec.

Source: Mydaily / SINA / re-uploaded by fangorn @


8 thoughts on “Promo pics for Jo In Sung’s Two Flowers Shop

  1. mmm … i think Jo In Sung looks like Jang Geun Suk in the picture (a prettier one of course … heh heh … not a fan of the latter whose acting i think sucks in Baby and Me). Jo Jin Moo doesn’t look too good in that ‘hairstyle’ and Song Ji Hyo looks kinda ‘older’ there. going bare-naked from the back by actors is not uncommon in Korean movies but i guess because it’s Jo In Sung doing it and that it is the first time for him (as opposed to Jo Jin Moo) … this makes for a hot news indeed. can’t say i’m thrilled to see him bare-naked though … he’s too skinny to my taste … heh heh.

  2. ^ ah, don’t make that conclusion yet. I read that he did get some “training”, ๐Ÿ˜› I meant the building up the body muscle – not training related to that scene.

    I wonder if there’s any , ahem, kissing btw the 2 guys – similar to *cough*Antique*cough* …

  3. heh heh … i read about that too. but i guess, training to build up his body for fighting scenes will indirectly helps him to look great in ‘that scene’! this remind me of something i read about Bae Young Joon doing that (buffing up his bod) specially for his love scene with Jeon Do Yeon in Untold Scandal.

    i sure hope there’ll be romantic scenes between him and JJM … there should be since it’s a gay movie rite?? i’ve read also that there is definitely a bed scene between him and Song Ji Hyo. now … that confuses me … is his character gay or not? or is it JJM’s character who is gay and fells in love with him? *sigh* can’t wait for all the questions to be answered by the movie itself! i also can’t wait to see Antique and Boy Meets Boy. whoah … there are so many gay-themed movies out of Korea this year!!

  4. This seems to be a new trend with all the boys love movies ^^
    Antique and this and there was another one(can’t remember the name)
    But looking forward to see them.
    I’ve seen Yon-sama in Untold scandal and honestly he looked so different I did not recognise him, but he was in really great shape.

  5. i believe this is not ‘new’ at all, Jenny. there have been a few gay-themed movies coming out of Korea in the past years though not as many as those churned out by Japan. and these movies deal with serious issues and are more dramatic (and some … tragic). a few that i’ve seen are Road Movie, No Regret, Three Queer Stories from Bogil Island and Like A Virgin. anyways, i quite disagree with labeling King and the Clown as a gay movie.

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