No more YDH Love Letter

aiyah…I love this show, although I seldom watch it (cant find the links 😦 ). It is one of the music shows where the singers all sing live (regardless if they are idols or otherwise). The other show that I like is Music Space. I hope that show is still on !

Yoon Do-hyun’s Music Program Replaced

A classy late night music show, “Yoon Do-hyun’s Love Letter,” will be taken off the air after its last broadcast on November 14th. The show’s producer found a female host, whose name was not released, to lead the follow-up program to be named after the new host.

A KBS official said that Yoon was let go from the show because of budget constraints. Struggling under mounting deficit, KBS was cutting costs by scaling down the fees for celebrity appearance. Yoon was reportedly paid 2 million won or roughly 1,500 dollars per show, but the next host will get much less.

KBS 2TV has aired late night music shows since 1991, starting with “Small Concert with Noh Young-shim.” It was followed by “Lee Moon-se Show,” “Lee So-ra’s Propose,” and the latest in the series, “Yoon Do-hyun’s Love Letter.” Meanwhile, Yoon will tape his last show next Tuesday on November 11.

Source : KBS World


3 thoughts on “No more YDH Love Letter

  1. AWW .. iy’s a pity that such good music programs is taken off the air. the thing i love about YDH’s Love Letter is that the audience are respectful of the artists performing, no screaming their names or anything during the performances. i guess that’s because most of the audience are mature people who came to the show to enjoy good music. also the guest performers are various singers with various music genres, some of whom you won’t see performing on other music programs such as Inkigayo or Music Bank. i’ve read somewhere that it’s going to be replaced by Lee Ha Na’s Peppermint … she’s in the drama Alone in Love and Women in the Sun.

    mmm … i’ve been looking for good quality vids from Lee So Ra’s Propose, especially one with Park Hyo Shin in it … but to no avail. anyone has them?

  2. ^ can’t help you because I havent been downloading anything from CB for a long time. The last time I tried, the file just couldnt be downloaded for days. Therefore, I gave up :/

    Have you tried youtube? Maybe someone have posted the vid(s) ?

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