[MV] Wheesung – A Star Has Fallen

Finally, wheesung’s new mv. But I thought it will be for “The Perfect Man” song… Anyway, it starred Hyo-Ri – I think this is the first time he invited another female singer to star in his MV… if I remembered correctly …

For the plot of this MV, Im quite concerned about the ending – the part that after wheesung phoned Hyo -Ri – isnt that scene implied “suicide” (where he runs and jump to … ?)” o_O ?? (spoilers: highlight to read)

Other than that, Hyo-Ri looks beautiful in the MV – Im talking the part where they showed her with wheesung šŸ˜› … and wheesung really have slimmed down a lot since the last I saw him on TV.

Download MV – 37 MB
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2 thoughts on “[MV] Wheesung – A Star Has Fallen

  1. yeah it was a really nice mv…I didn’t think that I would like Hyori is the video, but she wasn’t that bad…Wheesung shined more in though. The ending was quite sad though, why he did he have to do that~

    He does look thinner those pictures when he did the interview that were posted on the forum, but he stills looks damn good though!

    Definitely a great song, I honestly would have liked it better w/o Hyori…but she was nice in the video! For the most part most people have agreed that it is a great song, and the video is really good~ I’m waiting for my copy in the mail.

    Oh yeah thought too that Perfect man was going to be the first song release~ too thanks for the video~!

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