[Pics] Media Premiere of Antique

Quite a number of those. The movie had a premiere, I believe, on the 28th (? not really sure)…

IMO, the most “standout” person was definitely Kim Jae Wook. Choi Ji Ho looked really different without those sunglasses. No idea why JJH was wearing that long jacket. And I can’t believe Choi Ji Ho is taller than Joo Ji Hoon! O_O

The bunch of pics that I downloaded from Cine21 were better (in terms of angle) than the ones from SINA – therefore, the first batch were from them while the second batch were from SINA.

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures

^ he looks like a mannequin o_O

^ Director Min Gyu-Dong

^ I believe the lady on the right is the cast’s French teacher …the handsome guy on the left…eh… ? The boyfriend of the character played by Kim Jae Wook ?

Source: Cine21

Source: SinaCN


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