WOAH! Wheesung new album image

OK…Im just too shock after seeing this image (read below) O_O O_O O_O … are those… pink lipsticks? O_O

briefly reading the Japanese text – what I can understand (in point form):

  • Album will be release at the end of October
  • The album image (refer to picture) was released on 13th October
  • He will start preparing for his solo concert, 2008 WHEESHOW, which will be held on 8th – 9th of November.

There’s 2 paragraph of explanation on why he took this image…jeez, now I wonder what the explanation is – >< japanese just not good enough to read those text …

The original news in Japanese:





一方フィソンは、新しいアルバムの追いこみ作業とともに、11月8日と9日に開かれる単独コンサート「2008 WHEESHOW」の準備で忙しいスケジュールをこなしている。

Source: Innolife.net


9 thoughts on “WOAH! Wheesung new album image

  1. Err … is he also wearing blusher? i hope his new image does not include looking girly. i dun like the hat he’s wearing … looks like one worn by G-Dragon lately.

  2. thanks FaN for the link… guess by the time he released the album, there will be enuff pics for a photobook 🙂

    I like the boxer image better…so now Im going to go there every day to check out new pics 😛

  3. His makeup is OK. better than eye shadow during Year end perf on 2006 LOL…

    Can’t wait for his comeback… Kim Bum Soo done, Wheesung on the way. Hope for god next year.

  4. ^ yup saw the new updated hp…gosh, I need to do a pre-order!!! and I like the album title so far – “with all my heart and soul” … 🙂 and also the current album concept…ah…next week is the date …. ~~

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