Singer Kim Jong Kook to Release 5th Studio Album

Did I read it correctly? A “30” minute teaser video? O_O  Oi, that’s the first time I heard of a teaser that’s this long ??

But lok at the list of songwriters – woah!! that’s impressive, really!

Singer Kim Jong Kook, who finished his military duty in May, will release his fifth studio album on October 22. Celebrated Korean songwriters, including Kim Do-hoon, Lee Hyun-do, Cho Young-soo, Hwang Chan-hee, Jung Jin-soo, Han Sang-won, Dr. Norman, Yoon Sara and Cho Yoon-hee, have united under the helm of producer Choi Min-hyuk for Kim’s latest album.

During a recent interview, Kim thanked his fans for their unflagging love and support and that he put his heart and soul into his latest album. Prior to the album’s release, he unveiled a 30-minute teaser video of his new album on TV and the Internet. The comic video features a slew of unlikely characters, including two men in a delivery room, two girls at a beauty salon, a woman biting her nail, a nervous-looking man in a waiting room and a man rolling around on the floor in front of a cup of noodles all checking the time. They are simultaneously visited by a deliveryman who hands them Kim’s latest album.

All of the characters in the video were played by new actors as well as regular people. The man with the cup of noodles is none other than MC Mong’s manager Lee Hoon-seok, who has appeared in a number of TV programs including “Two Days and One Night,” a popular segment on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Sunday.”

Source: KBS Global


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