Eric – went to the army

Ah just 2 pics. Didnt download a lot coz Im not using my personal laptop. :/ laptop is not working properly…

I believe he’s the first Shinhwa member to enlist…besides him, I know Kim Dong Wan is next but who else ah? >< forgotten…


2 thoughts on “Eric – went to the army

  1. Eric looks sooooo good even with shaved head. i can’t remember any other celebrities who look as good … not even Gong Yoo!! i believe Dong Wan will look good too with that ‘hairstyle’ (just like in the movie Spin Kick) and i remember Jun Jin looking so boyishly mischievious with cropped blond hair long ago. i think both of them will follow Eric shortly to enlist and if i’m not mistaken Hye Sung is exempted though because of some injury.

  2. Noooooo ERIC don’t follow suit! I’m still crying over Jae Hee, Jo Hyun Jae, and Gong Yoo! Now you too!

    -starts crying-
    BTW you do look good with a shaved head!

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