Bae Doo Na cast in Koreeda’s new film

No idea who’s the director except that I heard of one of this film, Nobody Knows. Although I havent watch it O_O. Anyway, BDN fits perfectly with this role after reading at what the director has described 🙂

Actress Bae Doo-na has been cast as the heroine in world-renowned Japanese film director Hirokazu Koreeda’s upcoming film. Koreeda, who is currently visiting the Pusan International Film Festival with his latest work “Aruitemo Aruitemo,” told a magazine jointly published by Cine 21 and Hollywood Report magazines, that he has cast Bae as the heroine of his upcoming fantasy melodrama.

The film director explained that his new film is about a non-human entity that learns to open up to people, learn their language and learns to love. He also added that he is a huge fan of the Korean actress. It will be Bae’s second role in a Japanese film since “Linda Linda Linda,” a 2004 film directed by Nobuhiro Yamashita.

Koreeda became widely acknowleged through his 2004 film “Nobody Knows” which won an award for the Best Male Actor in a Leading Role.

Barunson Entertainment said details of the film, including the title, have yet to be confirmed. The film shoot will begin in December.

Source: KBS Global

3 thoughts on “Bae Doo Na cast in Koreeda’s new film

  1. This sounds so great.
    I’m a fan of both Koreeda and Bae Doo-na.
    Nobody knows is such a sad story, I cried watching it and knowing it was based on a real story made it more tragic.

  2. i’m also a fan of both, Koreeda and Bae Doo Na. Nobody Knows is, i guess, generally Koreeda’s most ‘known’ film because of the win at Cannes. his other films are equally good … i would recommend Maboroshi no Hikari, Hana Yori mo Naho and Wonderful Life. Distance is reaaaaally slow and most likely to induce sleep for those who hate slow-moving movies (i have to watch it twice, the first time i dozed off and even after finishing it at my second viewing, i kinda ‘missed’ certain things which caused me not to fully understand it … heh heh). i haven’t seen his other movies though. Bae Doo Na should be proud to have had the opportuity to work with two of Japan’s great directors. i’d prefer seeing good actors from Korea in good movies directed by these great Japanese directors and vice versa rather than having them acting in ‘nonsensical’ Hollywood movies!!

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