New Antique Pics

Cine21 updated the site with some new pics, therefore re-posting here šŸ™‚

O_O Why Joo Ji Hoon in some of those pictures doesnt look like himself?

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures, click on the picture for actual version



8 thoughts on “New Antique Pics

  1. When I read the sypnosis at dramabeans. The plot remind me of our local comic by Gempak. I forgot the title but the cartonist is a girl. They had 4 men that worked in cake shop. At first I thought it was something like host club. So much yaoi and manga. LOL

    • oh yes, i think it’s based on that manga. i’ve read it and i remember one of the character is gay, the boss is fierce, i can’t really remember other 2 characters but there were 4 of them šŸ™‚

  2. omg..those pictures are so funny and hot..cant believe that kim jae wook is dancing like that but hes hot..but most especially my joo ji hoon..super love him..cant wait for the movie…hope to see him in another drama…

  3. omg! Yoo ah-in is so cute..he looks yummy..he look like a little child..
    I wonder why many never appreciated him.. He really done well in chilwu but I dont think people watch it, so never mind… He was just new in the industry so I understand.. I was proud of him having an award even his new.. Just watch chilwu, the mighty but I’m afraid you can’t anything coz… I dont know, no one uploaded vedios of it..

  4. oh my! Thanks for the pics.
    I can’t wait to watch the movie. The japanese version of this was so-o boring..
    Antique is one of my fvourite mangas ever.

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