[Music] Songs 21st September

Today, Im picking songs from the Korean male solo singers with deep vocals that I listened to. I hope you will enjoy the songs.

Note: These are all the singers that I can think of at the moment. But I have this feeling that I’ve missed some singers. O_O

Note 2: Didnt include Bi coz I don’t really listens to him. I do, if time permits, download his MVs but that’s really all 😛 .

Note 3: I listed them in alphabetical orders. They are Chi Yeol, Ha Dong Gyun, I, Koo Jung Hyun, Lim Chang Gyu, Park Hyo Shin and Tei.

Note 4: Please do not hotlink the files!

WARNING! These are all ballad singers so if you dont like ballad, don’t even bother to read the rest of this post.

Chi Yeol

Chi Yeol – Hanbeonman [link]

Just recently listens to him although I heard of his name a long time ago. I think someone recommended him to me via soompi (inez). But at that time, didnt pay attention and “forgotten” about him until the K-drama, Lovers. WOW! he blew me away with his cover of Lim Jae Bum’s Go Hae – ever since then been trying to search for more songs from him. Discovered his digital single in ZD and liked all the songs in that single. Decided to purchase his debut album.

About the featured song: Title track of his debut album. Actually, there are a number of songs that I like in that song. IMO, this is the best song in the album that showcased his vocals. BTW, he, like all the singers below the list, don’t look like what he sounds like.

Ha Dong Gyun

Ha Dong Gyun – Rain Comes, Snow Comes [link]

Well, even though he started with WANTED, since then he had released 2 solo songs. Frankly, I dont really listens to him as much as the other singers here – aiyah, I think I need to spend some time to digest (re-digest) his albums 🙂

About the featured song: I really really like the MV (maybe I should post it in one of my future post?). Even though it is simple – the first time I watched it, I was just so taken by his singing and the “sadness” of the song. I don’t really know what’s the song about but the way he sings it ~~ T_T

i (Kim Yong Jin)

i – Gi Uk Hae Jwuh (Sad Movie OST) [link]

I discovered him thru MV. I tried to purchase his album via yesasia but they didnt sell it (why?!). After his debut album, he’s only active in OSTs (sigh!). His latest, I believe, is the song from that movie that starred Ha Ji Won and Cha Tae Hyun,  Babo OST. I felt bad coz I havent been updating his profile lately 😦 … sheesh…now I had to go and update his profile ~~

About the featured song: The song that I picked here for i is the song from the Sad Movie OST (2005). Yeah, it’s kinda old but I like the melody and tempo of this song. But I can’t seem to find the MV for this song 😦 …

Koo Jung Hyun

Koo Jung Hyun – Geureonikka – Acoustic Version [link]

Another singer that I discovered via MV (yep, have a lot of those singers 😛 ). There’s not much news from him so I dont really know where he is right now. Perhaps he has new songs via OST but since I dont usually pay attention to OST, unless they appeared in MV format, I really do not have any idea O_O!

About the featured song: It was one of the 2 title tracks that he had for his debut album. This is the acoustic version of the song. The other promotional track is Ojukhaesseumyeon. Both of the songs were made into an MV with a big promotional event at that time (big big posters, press con, etc). He actually had a third song that was made into an MV – it was used to promote the thriller movie, Rainbow Eyes (the one starring Kim Kang Woo).

Lim Chang Gyu

Lim Chang Gyu – Words That Aren’t Heard [link]

Another singer that uhm have deep voice but I dont really have a lot of news about him on the net so… ?

About the featured song: Actually, it’s been a long time since I last re-visit his album, therefore I just randomly picked a song :/ . This is not the title song of his album. And I will keep my ears open for any new album/songs from him. 🙂

Park Hyo Shin

Park Hyo Shin – Choeun Saram / Good Person [link]

Well, before his “The Breeze of the Sea” album, he used to sing in a deep vocal, that’s why I included him here. His latest is “Hwa Shin”, that theme from Iljimae OST.

I believe, if I remembered correctly, he’s the “pioneer” of that singing technique (cow-something-something :P) that a lot of K-singers today are using (e.g. Kim Jin Ho from SG Wannabe).

About the featured song: Very old song, I ripped this from my “Park Hyo Shin BEST” album. The song is title song of his Vol 3 (right?). If I have to rate all the features singers here, he’s the best of the lot.


Tei – I Am You [link]

Been listening to his songs since his debut album. Discovered him via the old Solid07 forums. Over the years, he had appeared in a lot of those game shows and he’s really an expert in deadpan humors – LOL, you should watch some of the game shows that he was in – really funny. And he’s not shy to showcase his really good vocals in some of those shows. Especially those Love-related shows…

About the featured song: The song is the last track in his Vol 4 (Lovers) album. IMO, you don’t actually hear a lot of his deep vocals in this song but I like the “light mood” of this song.


11 thoughts on “[Music] Songs 21st September

  1. I liked them all. I think Ha Dong Kyun (Wanted) might be my favorite, followed closely by Lim Chang Gyu. but have always enjoyed Tei too. Your mention of the old Solid07 forums reminded me where I first encountered your blog. I liked that site…I tried to fill what request I could and did a couple years of posting a thread of my favorite Christmas songs. ^_^

  2. uh … i love Lim Jae Beom!! managed to find a number of his albums years ago. out of all the singers above, i don’t think i have listened to anything from i (Kim Yong Jin).

    what about Bobby Kim and Im Tae Kyung? if i’m not mistaken Bobby Kim has came out with two albums already and he also sang for OSTs. as for Im Tae Kyung, as far as i know, he has only one album to his credit. he’s also featured in the OST of the drama Lawyers.

    mmm … just to inform u that i noticed that sometimes i commented using the username PrincelyLuna (which happened when i used my laptop at home rather than my computer at the office). is it okay with you?

    thanks for sharing those songs.

  3. LOL, I dont know that inoyume = PrinceLyLuna. Thanks for informing me 😛

    Well, I’ve heard of Bobby Kim but I didn’t listen to his albums or those from the OSTs. No idea who is Im Tae Kyung O_O … hahaha…there’s just too many singers already in my “list-to-listens-to” ~~ that now Im having problems fitting all those songs that I like to my phone memory card !

    and thanks Steve for your comments. I do missed Solid07 forums – that forum is like a part of me… 😦

  4. from what i read about Im Tae Kyung, he is described as a crossover tenor singer … one who fuses or exchanges between different genres of music. the word crossover is used to imply the integration of classical and pop music. he’s got great voice, sweet-looking face (IMO he looks like the actor Lee Chun Hee) and he’s intelligent … with a Master degree in Engineering and later studied music at Boston University. impressive ne!! here are a couple of songs from his debut album, Sentimental Journey and a couple from the OST of k-drama Lawyers.

    From the album Sentimental Journey:

    OtGit (The Collar)


    SaRangI SaRangEul BeoRinDa (Love Will Throw Away Love)


    From Lawyers OST:

    Red Road (yung hon eh bang rang ja) – this song features Mithra Jin of Epik High.


    White Road (noon mool bo da seul peun mi so)


    enjoy the songs.

  5. ^ thank you very much for the songs. I went and downloaded one of his perf in YDH Love Letter (because you mentioned the name! 🙂 ). I think he’s better looking than Lee Chun Hee… I havent watch the perf though, just skimmed thru so have to re-watch again.

  6. yeah…i agree wif u…i really in lurve wif PHS’s voice…really deep n husky…
    i cant get enouf of PHS…now im sick of fast n loud music(maybe im getting older), it makes my head ache…n PHS is da best choice…muahaaaahaaaa….nway i still listen to other singer such as tei, wheesung n hwan hee…they all have amazing voice but PHS is still da best among da best….PHS HWAITING!!!!!!!!

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