[Pics] Matsuyama Kenichi in Detroit Metal City

Well, if not for the following news piece, I don’t know that MatsuKen has a new movie. And it is selling like hotcakes in Japan now! O_O

I have found some pics from the movie and more O_O at his image in the movie. I wonder…is that really him in face paint? He looks unrecognisable!

Detroit Metal City for a Hollywood re-make

Speaking of films and festivals, this summer’s surprise hit at the Japanese box office, the movie “Detroit Metal City” may be already headed for a Hollywood re-make. Based on a six-volume manga by Wakasugi Kiminori that sold over 2 million copies, the wacky comedy stars popular young actor Matsuyama Kenichi (23), who made his name in the “Death Note” series. He plays a mild-mannered street musician with a taste for Swedish pop, but whose alter ego is the intense death metal vocalist Johannes Klauser II. In the three weeks since it opened, it’s been seen by over a million cinema-goers and has grossed over ¥2 billion. Several studios in Hollywood and Hong Kong have expressed an interest in doing a re-make. Distribution of the original has already been agreed for Hong Kong and South Korea and discussions are underway for two dozen more countries worldwide, including the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. Matsuyama and director Lee Toshio were in Canada over the weekend, where the movie was shown in the “Midnight Madness” category of the Toronto International Film Festival.

Source: Japan Zone

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^ LOL at this picture – the only audience that he has – a cute white dog!

^ Ken in face paint ? O_O



2 thoughts on “[Pics] Matsuyama Kenichi in Detroit Metal City

  1. oh my … the movie looks great and yeah … the pictures of him in that bowl hairstyle look so funny. Japan is really good at helming this kind of movie (and of course any other kind too). MatsuKen has now became one of my favourite young actors. apart from his talent … he’s just so likeable. i found his movie Don’t Laugh at My Romance recently … but unfortunately, there’s no sub. and i’m still looking for the OST for his movie Shindo … do u have it?

    GOSH … i just hate that those Hollywood people intend to remake Asian movies!!

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