So Ji Sup wins Best Jeanist International Category

Yes, the Japanese has actually these weird awards 😛 .  Im happy that he won! The other winners are Koda Kumi (again!), Kamenashi Kazuya, and 3 other winners (dont recognised the names).

Haha, look at the picture – he looks so dorky with those long hair of his 😛

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Actor So Ji-sup Receives Best ‘Jeanist’ Award in Tokyo

Actor So Ji-sup has won an award in the “International Category” at the 2008 Best Jeanist Awards in Japan.

The 25th annual awards ceremony, organized by Japan’s Jeans Federation, selects celebrities that look the best in jeans and presents them with awards. Recipients in the past awards include Kimura Takuya, Kusanagi Tsuhoshi and Hamasaki Ayumi. The “International Category” was newly added this year.

This year’s event took place as part of the Japan Fashion Week celebrations, and the awards ceremony took place in Tokyo.

An official at the awards ceremony said the Korean actor was selected because his tough yet sophisticated aura always complements the jeans he wears.

So recently became famous in Japan through the TV drama series “I’m Sorry I Love You.” His film “A Movie is A Movie” is set for release in coming days.

Source: KBS Global

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4 thoughts on “So Ji Sup wins Best Jeanist International Category

  1. i think he’s gorgeous, even with that hairstyle and he looks so ‘tegap’ in the picture. he does look really good in a pair of jeans.

  2. ^ LOL at “tegap” (not that I disagree!)

    – have you watched his movie trailer (Rough Cut) – he looks really cool in it – more than Kang Ji Hwan – totally stole the spotlight from KJH, IMO.

  3. nope, haven’t seen his Rough Cut trailer yet. i hope the movie will be available soon online. if it comes out on dvd, i will definitely get it just because it is Seo Ji Seob’s movie … heh heh. i hope he’ll act in a lot more movies in the future. uh … also can’t wait to see him in the second Gegege no Kitaro movie!

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