News bit – Miyazaki Hayao and Ponyo

The first news is about the raving reception by the Venice audience when Ponyo was screened there. The film is one of the 3 Japanese films, the other two being Oshii Mamoru’s SkyCrawlers and Kitano Takeshi’s Achilles and The Tortoise, in competition for the Golden Lion.

The second news is more personal as Miyazaki Hayao announced that he had become a grandpa recently 🙂  Omedetou…

The third news is a link to his interview after the Ponyo screening.

The fourth news is a link to a review on the film by Hollywood Reporter.

Venice Loves Ponyo

Critics and movie fans alike are raving about Japan’s entries at the Venice International Film Festival. “Gake no Ue no Ponyo” (Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea), the latest anime feature from Miyazaki Hayao (67), had its screening on Sunday and received a five-minute standing ovation. Afterwards, in a scene such as organizers said they’d never seen before, the “maestro” was mobbed by autograph hunters (photo). Of the 21 movies entered in the competition, nine had been screened as of Sunday and Ponyo had received the best newspaper reviews so far. Four of the major papers gave it four stars, while Il Manifesto gave it the maximum five. And the the Hollywood Reporter website has described Ponyo as the only “masterpiece” so far in an otherwise “lethargic” festival. Up until Monday’s reviews, the best-received film had been Kitano Takeshi’s “Akiresu to Kame” (Achilles and the Tortoise), so the chances of a Japanese movie taking the Golden Lion have to be considered good.

Credit Source: Japan Zone

Surprise Announcement from Miyazaki Hayao

The weekend saw the opening of the 65th Venice International Film Festival, and a surprise announcement from anime director Miyazaki Hayao (67). At a packed press conference the night before Sunday’s screening of the latest Studio Ghibli feature, “Gake no Ue no Ponyo” (Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea), he revealed that he is now a grandfather. His son Goro, who directed the 2006 Ghibli film “Gedo Senki” (Tales from Earthsea), became a father on August 11, just a week before Ponyo opened in Japan. The movie was the biggest hit of the summer, breaking the ¥10 billion mark in its first month. It’s one of three Japanese movies competing for this year’s Golden Lion, along with entries from Kitano Takeshi and Oshii Mamoru. Miyazaki has been recognized at Venice before, receiving the Osella award for technical achievement in 2001 for “Hauru no Ugoku Shiro” (Howl’s Moving Castle) and an Lifetime Achievement Golden Lion in 2002.

Meanwhile, Kitano has already returned from Venice. He told reporters at Narita Airport that he was returning for the scheduled recording of a TV show and that producer Mori Masayuki will be attending the Venice awards ceremony. Asked whether “Akiresu to Kame” (Achilles and the Tortoise) was likely to win him a second Golden Lion, he said “It was certainly well received. And the critics liked it. All the feedback was good but I’m trying not to keep my hopes up.”

Credit Source: Japan Zone

Read the article @ Yahoo! News – Japan’s Miyazaki keep computers out of cartoons – here

Read the Hollywood Reporter review of the film here… (minor spoilers)

2 thoughts on “News bit – Miyazaki Hayao and Ponyo

  1. it’s good to hear such news. i hope both or either one of them wins at the festival. i’m looking forward to watch Kitano’s new movie.

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