Ponyo passes 10 Billion Yen


I saw the VCD on sale here in M’sia but I dont think it is a good quality version…however, I really really want to watch this movie – should I buy it? ** thinking…

Read the news here on Variety Asia…

I found some HQ pics  for the movie … I like the first one – so many goldfishes 🙂 kawaii

Note: Click on for actual version

Source: Twitchfilm

…Also found 2 pics from Yahoo Japan site…

Source: Yahoo Japan


5 thoughts on “Ponyo passes 10 Billion Yen

  1. i love the house! i wish i lived in one like that! heh heh. about the dvd of Ponyo that i bought here recently, the subtitle is really really terrible!! if u want to get a copy of the vcd, i suggest u check the subtitle first.

  2. Nice to meet you. I am Japanese.
    I saw Ponyo with the family on July 19.
    It did not panic because I reserved the seat by the Internet though the movie
    theater was very crowded.

    My daughter is four years old. Her name is akane.
    Akane sings the theme of Ponyo still very often.

    Ponyo enchanted the many Japanese.
    because Ponyo is very very lovely. And the mother’s love is filled with the story of Ponyo.
    The adult will think about the life and the death though the story of Ponyo
    is simple for the child.
    It is an abyss, and a relief.

  3. ^ thank you for your comments 🙂 It’s nice to hear from someone who had watched the movie. I’m glad to hear that the movie still draws the crowd even after it had opened for quite some time (a month or so ?). I wish that the movie will be on air here in Malaysia but … the hopes are not that high 😦

  4. Hi 🙂
    Please read this article if you are interested. However this article is Japanese only.


    translated a part of this article…..
    Ponyo is scheduled to be opened to the public in foreign countries
    until from the end of this year to next year.
    In Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong, etc of Asia.
    Europe and America was scheduled next spring.
    The total of the country is more than 50 countries.

    The region of screening has not been made clear yet though these articles are the decisions.
    I hope people in Malaysia can see Ponyo one of these days. 🙂

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