Jo Sung Mo to sing Garden of Wind theme song

WOW…Im anticipating ๐Ÿ™‚ , and also the OST – the producer is HowL ๐Ÿ™‚ …I wonder will they make another MV – with just the scenes from the drama although I dont mind the current version that they are planning to release in 2 weeks’ time.

Jo Sung-mo Returns with “Garden of Wind”

Singer Jo Sung-mo finished serving his mandatory two years in the military and returns to the spotlight with the theme song of the SBS TV drama “Garden of Wind,” set to air in September.

His military service ended in May, and he was requested to sing a Lee Seung-hwan original as the theme song for the drama. K-pop artist HowL is in charge of the overall production of the drama’s original soundtrack, which will be released online around September 10th.

“He will start recording next week, and the music video for the theme song will star Jo Sung-mo,” said Jo Sung-mo’s agent.

A period piece about the Joseon dynasty’s well-renowned artist Kim Heung-do, “Garden of Wind” stars Park Shin-yang and Moon Geun-young. The drama is set to air on September 24th.

Source: KBS Global


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