[Pics] Kim Ha Neul + Daniel Henney in Sweet September

I read that this is a “Photo Movie” – don’t really understand what it meant. But it supposed to tell 7 different love stories, acted by Daniel Henney and Kim Ha Neul. And it supposed to have been on air on 20th August. I wonder, is it a movie or a tv movie? Anyone has watched it?

Note: Please do not hotlink pics and click on the pic for larger version

^ I like this picture the most πŸ™‚

Source: SINA / Mydaily / re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com


5 thoughts on “[Pics] Kim Ha Neul + Daniel Henney in Sweet September

  1. wow… how i envy kim haneul =p whatever it is, i want to watch it, but too tired to download. i guess i’ll just wait for the dvd or something

  2. that pic that u like is definitely the sweetest but looks a bit surreal?? heh heh … i guess too much airbrushing there? anyways, i love Kim Ha Neul since i first saw her in Ditto. i think she’s one of the most (naturally) beautiful Korean actresses out there and talented too. not a fan of Henney’s look or acting though … i think Dennis Oh is better looking but almost at the same par with Henney when it comes to acting.

  3. I prefer DH looks than DO looks. I havent watch My Father which everyone says (or so I heard) that DH has improved a lot in this movie (in terms of acting). As for DO, I havent actually watch any of his drama – ehm…dont think I remembered watching his drama. Anyway, Im a bit slow on catching up with latest drama/movie :/

    The only thing I dont really like about KHN is her ehm…frame… she always look very very thin to me to the point that Im afraid she might be blown (easily) away by the wind.

  4. Are the two dating in real life? coz i see them holding hands outside the photoshoot, and it seems very natural, not like acting or pretending. Please somebody answer me

  5. wow! i really want to watch this photo movie! i really like Kim Ha Neul.. and i think it is cute to be paired with the handsome Daniel Henney…

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