[Music] Songs 25th August 2008

have not been posting Songs of the Week for ages now that I think it is inappropriate to follow the old format. LOL, there’s just not enough songs for me to recommend each week. Well, that’s mostly because I need longer time to warm up to an album and I don’t download any album these days (not as much as last time).

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Alex (from Clazziquai) – Daydreaming [link]

Took me quite some time to finally listen to his album and I like it. Well, they are mostly ballads, which are the type of songs that I like most. I planned to order it once I have the chance (and money, of course). This song is not the title song but I like the jazzy feeling it.

Brown Eyes – For You [link]

Yeah, old song, from their Vol 2. I only bought them now because YesAsia only has the album available now since it is out of stock for quite some time.

Kim Bum Soo – The Practical Usage of Sadness [link]

Quite a long song title from Kim Bum Soo. Title song of Vol 6. I like the MV (it starred Ji Sung) and I hope there is a part 2 because I want to know why he’s so sad in the MV. Anyway, back to KBS Vol 6 – even though I only listens once or twice, I do quite like most of the songs. However, I really need more time to “digest” the album so I might be back with another song recommendation later.


Mr.Children – GIFT [link]

I really love this song and the MV (it almost made me cry, in a happy way). This song is taken from their latest single and it was the NHK 2008 Olympics Theme song. It is an uplifting song for me.


Nan Pong – Shooting Star Platform – One Take Live Recording [link]

It’s been awhile since I last “visit” his songs. I admired him as a talented singer-songwriter and he has his own unique style. Not to mention, he knows how to play the piano. Hmm…I always like guys who know how to play the piano and sing 🙂 – u know, like Hirai Ken, Khalil Fong, etc.

His Chinese name is “Nam Yik Pong” but he usually used this name, “Nan Pong”. No idea, maybe it is the pronounciation of his name in Mandarin ? He seldom sings in Mandarin though (unlike Khalil Fong) even if he can. This song is a bonus track from his latest Maxi single, Nan. It is a live recording and he sounds the same as in a studio recording 🙂 . I really need to remind myself to get all of his albums/singles.

4 thoughts on “[Music] Songs 25th August 2008

  1. personally i find Alex’s solo album just okay, not too great. i guess the fact that none of the songs kind of stick (in my mind) even after several times listening to the album leads to such conclusion. i think i prefer listening to him in Clazziquai more. as for Kim Bum Soo, i’ve listened to his new album a couple of times already and my favourite is SaRangDa. so far, i find his latest not as good as his previous albums though. maybe i should listen more to it. but i’ll definitely get this album for my KBS collections. as for Browneyes … so far all their three albums are superb. hopefully, they will come out with more superb albums in the future.

    by the way, have u heard FT Island singing their Japanese songs? i’m not their fan, my sister is. i dunno … but at times i thought Hong Ki (the lead singer) sounds like Sakurai when he sings in Japanese that is. not sure if it is the voice or the songs ….

  2. Thanks for these new songs…I haven’t been downloading very many new songs (or artists) recently, but always like your song choices. ^_^

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