RIP Lee Eon

O_O I didnt have time to read news until now and what a shocker!!! Another up and coming artist died in a motorcycle accident!!!

I’ve watched Coffee Prince and he was like the gentle hunk in there …I just cant believe it 😦 I read the news that the Coffee Prince cast (except Gong Yoo, who’s in the army) were in his funeral. I believe Gong Yoo must be devastated also 😦

R.I.P Lee Eon ~~

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8 thoughts on “RIP Lee Eon

  1. yeah … it is quite shocking and sad to learn about his death. kinda like him as an actor too .. thanks to Coffee Prince and Who Are You. it’s going to be sad watching him in Chil Woo knowing that he’s no more in this world. according to Dramabeans, Gong Yoo did manage to go to the hospital funeral room and he even left a message at his cyworld which is quite heartbreaking. most of all, it must be really hard for his parents since he’s the only child.

  2. I am devastated to hear that he killed in an accident!!! I am so sad, I don’t know what to say. he was such a cutie/sweetie in “Coffee Prince” its heartbreaking to see him gone. He looks so handsome in these pictures above, his parents, friends must have been devastated. I will miss him tremendously. I am so proud of Gong Yoo’s compassion to make his way out of military rules and regulations and was able to go see his friend, before he physically left.

  3. I really have this feeling to be sad even do he is not my idol but I was been seeing him with his drama and I quitely funny and machonimus guy and behalf of his fans here in philippines condolence with all the family relatives and friends of mR. lee eon we extend this thoughts of feelings that we mine lonely for not seeing his anymore but we pray his soul may be god rendered him tatolly with peace and loving son……although we can’t see physical deep in our heart we still remember him…

  4. I was got this news from my friend that Lee eon die this aug. 21, 08…. I taught it was a joke from her… I could believe he was funky hunk in coffee prince this sad to make devastated but I’ll be his fans 4ever even physically left…. We love you Baldo in coffee prince we pray for your soul with peace….

  5. I mine shock with this news it was stated by my nephew coz he was idolizes Lee eon in coffee prince he felt tear about it…. We know that god always loving to his people and lee eon was deserve it…… he always in our heart…. condolence to his family…

  6. I don’t know him well,but as I always watched korean films my heart deeply sad as well, and knowing that his the only child of the family…It was a saddest part to any parent specially to a mum to lost a child.But we didn’t own our life,anytime, anywhere if it is really our time ,it will be done…To his family,my heart and sympathy goes to you…May his soul rest in peace …Condolences!!

  7. i just found out abt this in the soompi forums, and im really shocked!! even though he’s not my fave actor but i still feel horrible… and gong yoo was so sad, and yoon eunhye too, and eric as well T_T” uwaaaaaaa

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