[Pics] So Ji Sup’s upcoming movie [Movie is Movie] Press Con and Poster

I believe the other lead actor’s name is Kang Ji Hwan. I’m not too sure about the actual spelling though. I don’t actually recognised him coz well, maybe I don’t watch that many of K-drama or movie 😦

The following pictures were taken during the movie’s recent press con. So Ji Sup, Kang Ji Hwan and the director appeared in this press con. I’m looking forward to this movie, even though it will be ages before the DVD reached here 😦

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures and please click on the picture for a larger version

Source: SINA / Mydaily


3 thoughts on “[Pics] So Ji Sup’s upcoming movie [Movie is Movie] Press Con and Poster

  1. yup … that other actor is Kang Ji Hwan. he’s the lead in the recent sageuk fusion drama Hong Gil Dong. he’s quite a good actor but i dun fancy him much. can’t wait for this movie too … and that’s all because of So Ji Seob!!! he looks so fine!

  2. kang jihwan is a good actor, he used to play minor roles before Hong Gil Dong. maybe u might remember him in the triangle love story with kim haneul or the drama with eugene (save the last dance for me) where he played a tiny supporting role. could be a good movie since the 2 of them are such flexible actors. it’s been a while since we’ve seen so jisub on screen =) my mom will be excited

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