My thoughts on one of the recent Jdoramas that I’ve watched 🙂

I bought it sometime ago – few weeks probably. I was hesitant to buy this drama at first as I heard the ratings were not that good (or should I say “ideal”) for a KimuTaku drama. So I bought Koizora, Rainbow Eyes and Brave Story instead. Went home and checked the internet for reviews and stuff – only managed to find 1 online review and it didn’t look as bad. Therefore, bought it the week after.

My verdict – it was VERY GOOD! It’s been a long time since I finished a Jdorama in one sitting and I didn’t even resort to fast-forwarding (which I tend to do when there were boring parts). Even though the plot of the drama really do sounds serious – about a son (2nd in the family) who has to take part in a district election in place of his late father and elder brother, won the election and went on to become the youngest prime minister in Japan – there were enough moments that make you laugh out loud when the writers mixed serious matters with humors.

All the actors (Kimura Takuya, Fukatsu Eri, Abe Hiroshi, Terao Akira, etc) acted very well and there were a lot of veteran actors in the drama (I don’t know their names but they played all the parliamentarian parts). I think this was the first drama that I saw so many veteran actors 🙂 . And the ending part was really really emotional 😦 – not going to say more because you will really have to watch it to know why – need to give KimuTaku a big clap for that solo performance 🙂 ..

As for the theme song by Madonna – hmm, I seldom listen to English songs and I found that song quite nice although I’m not sure if the song is appropriate / match the theme of the drama. I do like the ending song montage where they put Black & White pictures of all the actors and some pictures of the parliament buildings.


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. are u for real? if it’s really nice then i might buy it, coz i want to watch it slowly (no time lah, haha)… anyway there aren’t many nice dramas to watch nowadays except for “Last Friends” which i can’t stop gushing about… oh and i also can’t stop gushing about the chinese athletics gymnastic mens team!!!!!! =p haha, totally out of topic here, lol

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