Jo In Sung will enlist next year spring (2009)

After reading this news article, does that mean that there will be a high probability that JIS will enlist about the same time as Lee Jun Ki? BTW, did LJK mention when he will enlist?

Jo In Sung has announced that after he has finished whatever job that he has scheduled, he intends to join the army sometime around Spring 2009. According to sources close to him, he prefers to join the frontline of the army (navy/army/air force) rather than joining the entertainment army division.

Source: SINA / Mydaily
English summary translation: fangorn @


9 thoughts on “Jo In Sung will enlist next year spring (2009)


    i will miss him like crazy

  2. Oh no! Not him! If this is true, then it is a big big loss in the Korean entertainment industry! He is a fine actor… in fact he is one of the best actors korea has…

  3. With a change of hair – actors/actresses could look so different, its amazing! Jo In-Sung look so fabulous in this picture, OMG! Well, he might as well and get it over with – sooner the later they all have to go. I hope he still makes lots of movies when he comes back!


    So dead that mean he’s gonna have to cut off all his long hair?! :O noooooooo

    he looks so sexy with it!! T.T

  5. oh my
    if that’s soo..
    then i will miss youuu jo!!!
    does dat mean his gonna cut his hair already since he’s gonna be there already??
    i hopee

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