Enlisted to the army

O_O I didnt know Lee Ki Chan has enlisted! I have yet to “digest” his latest album :/ He enlisted on the 4th of August.

Not just him but Jo Hyun Jae and Jae Hee… what ?! Jae Hee ???!!! He enlisted on the same day as LKC but different center. Jeez, I know JHJ’s enlistment day is way overdue but I didn’t know Jae Hee was going to … 😦 aww… so many people already went this year.

JHJ enlisted to the army on the 5th of August. Why I said it was overdue was because I originally thought that he would enlist after GP506 but he postponed it to film the drama that he acted with Jae Hee and Eugene.

Well, Good Luck to all 3 of you! 🙂

^ Jae Hee looks real good in black 🙂

^ looked at those shoulders 😛

^ LKC looked a bit ackward 😛


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